IKBFU is included in 20 international and national ratings.


in Russian educational ratings of 2019 (the University was on the 131st position in 2018)


in the Interfax National University rating


According to QS University Rankings: EECA, assessing Eastern European and Asian universities

Round University Ranking

in the list of best universities in Social Science

in Science of Live

in culture and art-related Sciences

in Medical Sciences in 2019


There are several ratings that evaluate a university’s presence on the Internet, such as Webometrics and UniRank University Ranking. For the past year, has shown a great development in media-sphere: the position in Webometrics was almost doubled, from 4958th in 2018 (and 38th in Russia) to 2639 in 2019. And according toUniRank University Ranking, IKBFU was ranked 2519th while being on 3935th position in 2018.



in the Russian Universities digital economy rating. This high position proves that the University trains highly demandable IT-specialists.

“Expert” Agency

in the subject rating of scientific productivity of universities in Biochemistry

Regarding the rankings assessing people’s well-being and ecology, IKBFU has achieved high positions too. Sustainable development goals, introduced in the UN in 2015 and taking into assessment by THE University Impact Ranking agency ranked IKBFU 201-300 positions. The most successful position for the University was the position number 17, “partnership for sustainable development”, with IKBFU occupying 50th position. And according to UI GreenMetric World University Ranking, the agency that ranks universities by their involvement into ecology-protecting activities, IKBFU climber more than 100 positions up, occupying 562nd position in 2019 compared to the 671st position in 2018.

Today ratings act as a vector for the development of universities and form the agenda, which requires active cooperation between university administration and representatives of rating agencies. This is why the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University participates in such dialogues, as well as initiates various conferences, seminars, round tables, and other events, mainly to improve its own positions in ratings and to widen the number of agencies ranking the University.