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Walid Abdul Karim Dayani

Walid Abdul Karim Dayani, Cameroon

I’m a master's student at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. I like the university; I wouldn’t study elsewhere. I’ve found true friends here and gained new important experience. I came across IKBFU info on the Internet and applied for a ten-month preparatory course on the University website. It was a wonderful time, I immersed myself in student life and decided on the area of future studies. I’m taking management; the programme is very interesting; it is known as KrausLab at the University.

We have remarkable teachers here who are always ready to help. Professors not only read lectures; they pursue vigorous research; they’re into their projects. The University makes use of top class equipment and modern technology. The friendly administration staff are always on hand; I turn to them if I have some questions or need assistance. Kaliningrad is a beautiful and clean city; local residents are friendly and hospitable. There are many clubs around; the city nightlife is very lively. You can always find what to do! Also, you’ll surely make friends with lots of people you meet here.

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