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Shivani Khandalikar

Shivani Khandalikar, India

I am from Mumbai. I’m glad to be a student of IKBFU, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Speaking about the hostel, living amenities are very good and it is really comfortable to live here. Moreover, the infrastructure of the University is highly developed – there are swimming pools, sports centres, classrooms are well equipped. Teaching programs are really well developed compared to other Russian universities since 3D programs are implemented into the studying process of any subject: be it anatomy or histology. There are also simulators that students use in order to have a deeper understanding of the subject and acquire practical skills in a certain area. I would suggest all the future Indian students to get admission into IKBFU since it is really worth it. Kaliningrad impressed me with its picturesque sights and mild climate, I do enjoy walking around the city. Thanks to excursions that we have frequently arranged for us, I keep finding new favorite places in Kaliningrad.

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