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Gido van der Stadt

Gido van der Stadt, Netherlands

I am 24 years old and I am from the Netherlands. I currently study Russian language at Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad. I found the programme online using the web-site of the Russian government where you can find all sorts of Russian language programmes related or non-related to the preparatory courses. The Admission Office really helped me and it was a great experience dealing with them. If you have any questions regarding your visa, or your stay, or your transfer back home to or from Russia, they are always willing to help. The International Office also organizes a lot of events and it helps you very well with the housing and other questions you might have.

One of the reasons I chose Kaliningrad is because of its location. Kaliningrad is a very-very beautiful city. Besides the city, you have Baltic Sea, you have very beautiful nature, great nature reserves in Gusev and Sovetsk and other very highlighted places you should visit. So far my experience has been amazing.

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