The programme aims

Train highly qualified specialists who can develop scientific, educational, cultural, and administrative innovations to address scientific, technical, fundamental and applied problems, to study mathematical models of physical, chemical, biological, and other natural scientific objects as well as social, economic, and technical ones.

Programme's advantages

Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods, and Software Complexes can be applied in wide range of spheres. The research objects include but not are not limited to various physical phenomena and processes, biological objects and systems, social processes and networks.

Upon completing the programme, you will be able to:

  • use theoretical and experimental research methods;
  • develop, validate and test new mathematical modeling techniques using modern computer technology, and use these skills to find solutions to scientific and educational problems


09.06.01. Computer science and computing. Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of programs.

Duration of the Programme

4 years.

Programme type


Language of instruction


Courses & Study Load

ECTS value: 240 credits

Core courses: High-Performance Computing and Parallel Programming Techniques; Information Structure Research, IT Models Development and Analysis ; Software Development and Computer Networking; Research and Development of Requirements to Software and Hardware of Modern Computer-Based Telecommunication Systems; Modern Operating Systems, Internet Protocols and Services; Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Methods; The Development of Information and Computer-Aided Design and Control Systems for various Application Spheres ; Teaching Higher Educational Programme

Professional Training / Internships

  • OJSC Yandex
  • ARS Laboratory at Denis Diderot University, Paris, France


Modern Information Technologies Lab:

  • High Performance Computing Lab
  • Supercomputer (compute cluster) with peak performance of 5 TFlops
  • 3-D Visualization Lab

Career Opportunities

Graduate can pursue an academic career in the following fields:

  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • Engineering

Admission & Tuition

State-funded applicants (Russian nationals and Russian speaking applicants from the CIS countries) are expected to take the following exams:

  • Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software Complexes
  • Philosophy
  • Russian language


S. Ishanov

+7 (4012) 595595 4010
Language of instruction: Russian