Students study and perform the following activities:

  • designing the educational environment of the physical education system;
  • teaching courses, disciplines (modules) of undergraduate programmes;
  • organization of educational and professional, research, design and other activities of bachelors’ students;
  • management of research, design, educational and professional and other activities of undergraduate students;
  • development of scientific and methodological support for the implementation of training courses, disciplines (modules) of the bachelor's degree programs.


A Master's degree in Professional physical training and sports education is a great start for a career in the higher education field. You will be able to learn about the specifics of the organization of the teaching process, scientific and methodological support, and the legal basis of activities in higher education. You will also acquire basic knowledge in the organization and conduct of scientific research. You will gain the skills required to teach at higher educational establishments.

Duration of the Programme

2 years.

Programme type


Language of instruction



Institute of Education

Courses & Study Load

  • Methodology and methods of scientific research in professional activity
  • Modern problems of physical culture sciences
  • Research activities in the field of physical culture
  • Pedagogical technologies of physical education of students
  • Scientific and methodological support of the educational process
  • Fundamentals of design in professional activity

Professional Training / Internships

  • Educational Practice Introductory
  • Industrial (Pre-Diploma) Practice

Career Opportunities

Teacher at schools or higher education institutions

Admission & Tuition

Tuition: full-time 187400 (for Russian students), 234000 (for international students)

part-time 70000 (for Russian students), 104000 (for international students)


Igor Rebezov

Institute of Recreation, Tourism and Sports