We train teachers and qualified teachers in the field of intercultural communication who have a broad scientific background, deep linguistic knowledge, a high level of foreign language skills, who are able to quickly adapt to the demands of modern society, capable of further education and self-education. Thanks to in-depth pedagogical training, graduates are able to work successfully in the field of general and higher education.


This course aims to provide you with the knowledge of the human psyche, the features of the formation and development of personality, and the phenomena of its behavior. You will learn effective ways of self-regulation and communication, enabling you to engage in skills development and vocational guidance.

  You will learn how to organize the interaction of all participants in educational relations, as well as predict and explain human behavior in various situations and effectively resolve conflict situations in the family and in school.

Duration of the Programme

2 years.

Programme type


Language of instruction



Institute of Education

Courses & Study Load

1 year

  • Methodology and Methods of Research
  • Pedagogy and Psychology of Vocational Education
  • Innovative Processes in Education
  • General Linguistics and History of Linguistic Knowledge
  • Theory of Foreign Language Teaching at University
  • Practical English Course
  • Educational Practice
  • Working Practice
  • Research Work (Research Seminar)
  • Early Foreign Language Teaching

2 year

  • Modern Technologies of Foreign Language Teaching
  • Practical English Course
  • Digital Educational Environment in Foreign Language Teaching
  • Culture of Foreign Language Speech
  • Professional Terminology
  • Theory of English
  • Research Work (Research Seminar)
  • Working Practice
  • Industrial (Pre-Diploma) Practice
  • Preparation for the Procedure of Protection of Graduate Qualification Work
  • Procedure for Protection of Graduate Qualification Work

120 credits

  • Pedagogy and psychology of professional education
  • Legal framework for mediation in education and the social sphere
  • Cross-cultural mediation
  • A general theory of conflict and mediation
  • Monitoring of conflict in the educational environment
  • School mediation
  • Family mediation
  • Prevention of deviant conflict behavior
  • Management of conflicts in an organization

Professional Training / Internships

  • Educational Practice
  • Working Practice
  • Industrial (Pre-Diploma) Practice

Career Opportunities

Our alumni:

  • teach foreign languages at schools, secondary professional and higher educational institutions of the city
  • run English courses in language schools and centers
  • hold senior positions in various educational organizations
  • carry out their research at the postgraduate level

Admission & Tuition

Pedagogical Education, «Management of education and project management»Higher education (bachelor or specialist) is required.

Taking the entrance examinations: a foreign language exam, a comprehensive examination of the selected master's program.

Optional: individual achievements

Tuition: 133000 (for Russian students), 168000 (for international students)


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