We will teach you how to develop original design projects, industrial designs, series and author's collections to improve the technological processes of creating creative objects to organize and conduct exhibitions of creative works to propose and develop innovative ideas in the field of design.


54.04.01. Landscape Design.

Duration of the Programme

2 years.

Programme type


Language of instruction



Institute of Environmental Management, Urban Development and Spatial Planning

Courses & Study Load

  • Contemporary design issues
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Project Design
  • History and traditions of landscape design
  • Business foreign language (English)
  • Basics of composition and color studies in landscape design
  • Basics of modern garden and park design
  • Dendrological objects in landscape design
  • Floral decoration in landscape design
  • Landscape and environmental planning and design
  • Objects and methods of phenon surveillance in the preparation of the green area project
  • Communicative design
  • Urban monitoring and cadastre of environment
  • History and Methodology of Design Projecting
  • Organization of technical works and technologies in landscape design
  • Technical and economic calculations and estimates in landscape design
  • Technologies and information technologies for presentation of projects in landscape design
  • Basics of management and marketing in professional activity of landscape designer
  • Features of landscape design in the development of projects for various functional purposes in the urban environment
  • Psychology of communication with the client

120 credits

Professional Training / Internships

Architectural and design organization "AKKO" LLC, Center for Applied Urbanism Kaliningrad, the Architectural Bureau "ARCH-LINE", State Budgetary Institution "Regional Management of the Customer of Capital Construction", Kaliningrad Regional Museum of Fine Arts, State Budgetary Institution "Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum", Klaipeda branch of Vilnius Academy of Arts, WTO "Union of Artists of Russia" in Kaliningrad, WTO "Union of Designers of Russia" in Kaliningrad.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates know how to:

  • set artistic and creative tasks and propose their solution.
  • create an artistic image, object and spatial environment
  • work with color and color compositions
  • select the necessary scientific-methodical, art criticism literature
  • propose and develop conceptual, experimental and innovative ideas
  • conduct pre-project research in the field of landscape design
  • plan experimental work in the field of forming technologies reflecting the current state of design and artistic creativity in the field of design
  • perform sketches of design projects and prototypes for the original project
  • develop design projects by means of computer graphics and volume modeling, modeling and prototyping

Admission & Tuition

Higher education (bachelor or specialist) is required.
Taking the entrance examinations: a foreign language exam, a comprehensive examination of the selected master's program.
Optional: individual achievements
Tuition per academic year: 268200 (for Russian students), 270000 (for international students)


Dr. Boris Mironov

+7 921-007-4846

Olga Ivanova

+7 950-676-3271