You will gain skills in interpretation - both consecutive and simultaneous - as well as acquire techniques for maintaining effective communication in Russian; you will get advanced knowledge of linguistics, linguoculturology, interpersonal and cross-cultural communication, you will learn how to carry out projects, group, and research activities. The demand for graduates of this programme is ensured by active processes of international and intercultural communication in the modern world and the development of international projects in the spheres of culture, science, and business. You can fulfill your potential in such fields as management and language support of international projects, the expertise in international communications, translation, and research. The programme curriculum has been developed based on the theoretical and methodological fundamentals of description and study of Russian as a foreign language.

Programme type


Language of instruction



Institute for the Humanities

Courses & Study Load

Russian Language Enhancement Course;
• Scientific Style in Speech and Writing;
• Contemporary Russian Language;
• Russian Language and Culture of Speech (Orthography);
• Russian Language and Culture of Speech (Punctuation);
• Russian Language Stylistics;
• Fundamentals of Translation;
• Interpreting from Russian to Chinese;
• Translation from Russian to Chinese;
• Country Studies;
• Russian Phraseology;
• Speech Etiquette;
• IT in Translation;
• Electronic Search Systems in Translation.

Professional Training / Internships

The degree programme is practice-oriented. Leading Russian and international experts in the field of teaching Russian as a foreign language, intercultural communication, linguodidactics, translation theory, and practice are the instructors. The training is carried out in different formats: workshops, training sessions, practical assignments based on real cases, and participation in professional competitions that will allow you to build a path for your professional development and find useful contacts for career growth. You will be able to sharpen your skills by participating in international academic exchange and academic mobility programs and/or organizing and running international language schools and competitions.

Career Opportunities

• Guide-Interpreter
• Manager-Translator
• International Communications Expert
• International Project Manager
• Specialist in Online Teaching Methods

Admission & Tuition

30 fee-paying places


Anastasia Dronova