The programme aims

Train simultaneous and consecutive interpreters and translators.

Programme’s advantages

Students gain an excellent command of foreign languages. They are introduced to the basics of translation and interpreting.

Upon completing the Programme, you will:

  • comprehend the source language and apply this knowledge to render the message as accurately as possible in the target language;
  • have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your working languages and the required range of language registers;
  • have knowledge of subject areas and relevant terminology;
  • have excellent communication skills;
  • have active listening skills;
  • have good memory retention skills;
  • have sufficient skills and knowledge to study the structure of foreign languages.


45.03.02. . Linguistics.. Translation and translation studies (English and second foreign language of choice).

Duration of the Programme

4 years.

Programme type


Language of instruction



Institute for the Humanities

Courses & Study Load

Number of ECTS credits: 240.

Core disciplines: general linguistics, first foreign language enhancement (English, German, French), second foreign language enhancement (English, German, French, Spanish), lexicology, theoretical phonetics, stylistics, theoretical grammar, history of language, history and culture of England/Germany/France, history of translation, cultural linguistics, translation from the first foreign language, translation studies, multimedia for translation, professional terminology, basics of cross-cultural communication theory.

Professional Training / Internships

  • Kaliningrad branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Department of International and Intermunicipal Relations of the Kaliningrad City Council
  • German-Russian House
  • Baltkran, Kaliningrad Zoo
  • World Ocean Museum
  • Students participate in the Erasmus+ academic mobility programme.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are proficient in two foreign languages, which makes them eligible for employment by:

  • Russian and international companies,
  • Public authorities,
  • tourist companies,
  • language centres.

Admission & Tuition

State-funded applicants (Russian nationals and Russian speaking applicants from the CIS countries) are expected to take the following exams:

  • Foreign language
  • Russian language
  • Literature

Fee-paying applicants are expected to take:



Degree Programme Manager
+7 (4012) 595 595 (3501)
Language of instruction: Russian / English