The main goal of the programme is to train specialists capable of working in the following spheres:

  • Land management
  • Cadaster activities
  • Real property and land management
  • Land resources and real property management system
  • Land management territory organization
  • Analyzing, planning and making projects of rational land management and environmental protection
  • Law enforcement activities to establish ownership and control the use of land and other real estate
  • Monitoring of land and other real estate
  • Real estate taxation
  • Real estate, valuation and consulting activities in the field of land and property complex
  • Accounting, cadastral valuation and registration of real estate
  • Topographic, geodesic and cartographic support of land management and cadasters
  • Positioning of real estate, cadastral surveys, the formation of cadastral information systems;
  • Land surveying
  • Formation of land and other real estate objects, an inventory of land and real estate objects.


21.03.02. Land management and Inventories . Estate cadaster.

Programme type


Language of instruction



Institute of Environmental Management, Urban Development and Spatial Planning

Courses & Study Load

1 year

Module 1: General Cultural Competencies

  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurial activity in the professional field
  • Communication Basics
  • Human rights

Module 2: Foreign Language

  • Foreign language

Module 3: General Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry

  • Higher mathematics with the basics of mathematical statistics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Module 4: Engineering and Information Technology Surveying with the basics of topography

  • Fundamentals of geology and geomorphology
  • Hydrology with the basics of hydrogeology
  • Land Management and Cadaster Software
  • Geographical and land information systems
  • Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • Life safety
  • Elective courses in physical education and sports
  • Fundamentals of Information Literacy
  • Surveying and surveying works

2 year

  • Foreign language

Module 5: Natural Sciences

  • Ecology
  • Soil science with the basics of soil scoring
  • Landscape science

Module 6: Land Management Fundamentals

  • Land management and land monitoring
  • Legal support of land management and cadasters
  • Metrology, standardization and certification

Module 7: Inventory Basics

  • Real Estate Cadaster
  • physical Culture and sport
  • Elective courses in physical education and sports
  • Typology of real estate
  • The theoretical basis of the real estate cadaster
  • Applied cartography / Cartographic basis of land management and cadaster

3 year

Module 8: Spatial Planning and Land Management

  • Territorial engineering

Module 9: Land Management and Use

  • Land management
  • Regional land resources
  • Land use planning
  • Elective courses in physical education and sports
  • Geoecological monitoring
  • Geoecological justification of land management
  • Workshop on Urban Planning and Population Planning
  • Basics of spatial planning
  • Operation of hydraulic structures
  • Basics of hydraulic structures
  • Land policy
  • History of land and property relations
  • Organization of land management and cadastral works
  • Modern technologies for land management and cadastral works

Module of personality-oriented improvement

  • Entrepreneurial module
  • Pedagogical module
  • Information Technology Module
  • Communication module
  • Personality-Based Improvement Module
  • Entrepreneurial module

4 year

Module 10: Economics and Mathematics Cycle and Resource Assessment

  • Economic and mathematical methods and modeling
  • Valuation of land and real estate
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Adaptive module
  • Economics of land use and land management
  • Economic valuation of natural resources
  • Accounting and registration of land and real estate
  • Modern technologies for accounting and registration of land and real estate
  • Modern agricultural technology
  • Fundamentals of Agriculture
  • Design of hydraulic structures
  • Hydrotechnical constructions of reclamation systems
  • Technical inventory of real estate
  • Modern technologies of technical inventory of real estate
  • Land supervision
  • Normative and methodological support of land management and cadasters

Professional Training / Internships

1. Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

2. Geography department of the MSU, Moscow

3. Rosreestr branch in Kaliningrad

4. Moscow State University of Environmental Management

5. Belarus State Agriculture Academy, Land Management Department, Gorky, Belarus

6. Federal State Institution “Institute of Oceanography”, Moscow

7. Research Institute of irrigation and water supply “Raduga”, Kolomna

8. State University of Land Management, Moscow

9. “Institute of Land Reclamation”, Minsk, Belarus

10. “Savonia University of Applied Sciences”, Finland

11. Federal State Institution National Park “Curonian Spit”

12. Vishtinetsk Museum of History and Ecology, Kaliningrad

13. “Kaliningradpromproekt”, Kaliningrad

14. “Striktum”, Kaliningrad

15. “Vishtenetskiy park”, Kaliningrad

16. “Baltikstroy”, Kaliningrad

17. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology Atlantic Department, Kaliningrad

18. “Geoid”, Kaliningrad

19. “LenTISIz Engineering company”, Kaliningrad

20. “Baltmezha”, Kaliningrad

21. “Land Surveying Instruments”, st. Petersburg

22. “Balt AGP”, Kaliningrad

23. Tourist Agency “Cat Travel”, Kaliningrad

24. School №15

25. «GeroHydroBalt Land Surveying center», Kaliningrad

26. “ATLAS-MARKET”, Kaliningrad

27. Lomonosov North Arctic Federal University, Arkhangelsk

28. “Giprozem”, Kaliningrad

29. “Assessment. Consulting. Audit”, Kaliningrad

30. “Siberian Cadaster Engineers Union”, Novosibirsk

31. “Interregional Union of Cadaster Engineers”, Yekaterinburg

32. Territorial Administration of the Federal Agency for State Property Management in the Kaliningrad Region

33. State treasury institution of the Kaliningrad region "Management of the formation of public real estate"

34. Tourist Company “Voyager”, Kolojbet, Poland

35. Legal support agency: “Science and innovations”, Moscow

36. “Museum of the World Ocean”, Kaliningrad

Career Opportunities

Upon completing the programme graduates will be able to work in state and commercial organizations in land management:

1. Rosreestr - the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadaster and Cartography

2. Land managing services and committees

3. Tax service

4. Land courts

5. Land banks

6. Construction companies

7. Ecological, agricultural and forest services

8. Private companies specializing in land management and technic inventorying

9. Laboratories and University departments related to land management

10. Land management project developing and scientific organizations

Graduates may be employed on the following jobs:

1. Cadaster engineer

2. Real estate agent

3. Land Manager

4. Technical inventory bureau engineer

5. Land Management engineer

6. Cartographer

7. Realtor

8. Real estate accounting expert

9. Topographer

10. Real estate assessment manager

Admission & Tuition

Tuition: 176000 roubles per year (per two terms)


Zinaida Rozhdestvenskaya

Director of the Institute of Environmental Management, Urban Development and Spatial Planning
Kaliningrad, 2 Zoologicheskaya st, office 204
8 (4012) 313350

Fatima Tsekoyeva

Deputy Director of the Institute of Environmental Management, Urban Development and Spatial Planning
Kaliningrad, 2 Zoologicheskaya st, office 202
+7 911 071 80 23, 8 (4012) 31 00 67, ext. 5500