We train professionals who are able to prepare financial reporting documents, analyze statistical data, develop economic forecasts, carry out tax planning, model economic processes, and work in the field of foreign economic activity


38.03.01. Economics . World Economy.

Duration of the Programme

4 years.

Programme type


Language of instruction



Institute of Economics and Management

Courses & Study Load

Our program of economic profile "World Economy" is the only one in the Kaliningrad region where two foreign languages (German and English) are studied. This allows graduates to feel free in the labor market.

In the modern world, being successful means being active and investing in the future. And the best investment in the future is a decent education. In the context of globalization, our profile remains more relevant than ever.

Professional Training / Internships

Munich Business School, Dortmund International School of Management, Dublin International School of Business, Manhattan Institute of Management.

Career Opportunities

Deputy Head, Economist, Accountant, Financier, Marketer, Logistics Specialist


Altunina Varvara

Director of the European Business School
Language of instruction: Russian