The main goal of the programme is to train professionals in the sphere of mass media, capable of working in the sphere of advertisement, public relations and related sectors.


42.03.01. Advertising and public relations.

Programme type


Language of instruction



Institute for the Humanities

Courses & Study Load

1 year

  • History
  • History and theory of culture
  • Theory and practice of communication
  • Russian language and modern communication practices
  • Foreign language
  • Philosophy
  • History of World Literature
  • History of Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations
  • Theory and practice of the media
  • Theory and practice of advertisin
  • Theory and practice of public relations
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Informatics and modern computer technology
  • Basics of photo and video shooting
  • Sociology
  • Creative Studios
  • Life safety
  • Concepts and methodology of modern social and humanitarian knowledge
  • Methodology and modern research methods in the social sciences and humanities
  • Great books
  • Elective courses in physical education and sports
  • Training practice

2 year

  • Physical education and sport
  • World Religious Cultures
  • Foreign language
  • Foreign language in professional activity
  • Practical philosophy and philosophy of everyday life
  • History of World Literature
  • Informatics and modern computer technology
  • Multimedia technologies in professional activity
  • The Psychology of Mass Communications
  • Sociology of Mass Communications
  • Marketing basics
  • Management basics
  • Creative Studios
  • Workshop on Russian language
  • Elective courses in physical education and sports
  • Corporate PR
  • Economy
  • Marketing Research and Situation Analysis
  • Internship

3 year

  • Foreign language in professional activity
  • Organization and holding of PR events
  • Advertising Product Development
  • Advertising and PR on the Internet
  • PR technologies in mass communications
  • Mass communications and media planning
  • Development and implementation of advertising and public relations campaigns
  • Imageology
  • Branding
  • Creative Studios
  • Elective courses in physical education and sports
  • Copywriting
  • Office Basics
  • Personality-Based Improvement Module
  • Entrepreneurial module
  • Pedagogical module
  • Information Technology Module
  • Communication module
  • Internship

4 year

  • Jurisprudence
  • Legal framework in the field of advertising and public relations
  • Copyright
    Modern international relations
  • Creative Studios
  • Geo-branding in the PR and territorial management system
  • Communicative models in geobranding
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the geobranding program
  • Organization of work of the departments of advertising and public relations
  • Integrated Communications Design
  • Internship

Professional Training / Internships

  • practice-oriented training;
  • workshops by leading Russian and foreign teachers and experts;
  • practice at the educational and production multimedia center of the IKBFU;
  • the possibility of preparing copyright creative multimedia projects;
  • an opportunity to undergo practical training in advertising and PR units of large regional companies and in marketing departments of large companies;
  • training facilities in the leading media of the region;
  • opportunities for group design work using modern multimedia technologies;
  • participation in all-Russian and international scientific and practical conferences;
  • point rating system

Career Opportunities

  • PR-manager
  • Manager in advertising
  • Mass-media expert
  • Multimedia technologies specialist

Admission & Tuition

Tuition fee: 143000 for Russian citizens

174000 for international students

Number of ECTS credits: 240


Alina Afanaseva

Head manager of the Institute for the Humanities
8-4012-595595 ext. 3003