The Vestnik journal was founded in 2001 at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.
IKBFU’s Vestnik is a periodical focusing on topical issues of modern social and natural sciences, the humanities, and engineering. The journal publishes results of basic and applied research presented by Russian and international scholars. Emphasis is placed on articles dedicated to the problems of the Baltic region and Kaliningrad.
The audience of the journal includes academics, researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students interested in the recent research results.

In 2016 IKBFU’s Vestnik was divided into four series:

IKBFU's Vestnik. Natural and medical sciences

ISSN: 2500-3208

  • earth sciences;
  • medical sciences (clinical medicine, preventive medicine, biomedical sciences).


IKBFU's Vestnik. Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

ISSN: 2500-039x

  • education sciences;
  • psychological sciences;
  • philological sciences.


IKBFU's Vestnik. Humanities and social science

ISSN: 2500-3216

  • economic sciences;
  • legal sciences;
  • historical sciences and archaeology.


IKBFU's Vestnik. Physics, mathematics, and technology

ISSN: 2500-0403

  • physical and mathematical sciences (mathematics, mechanics, physics);
  • technology (radio engineering and communications, informatics, computer science and management).