The Kantian Journal  is a scientific journal with more than forty years of history. The Journal is published by the Academia Kantiana, a research subdivision of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University’s Institute for Humanities. The central focus of the Academia’s research programme is the study of Immanuel Kant’s philosophy and its reception in Russian and other philosophical traditions, along with the history of Russian Neo-Kantianism, and the study of the Enlightenment project and its relevance for the twenty first century.

The Editorial Board consists of the members of the world’s leading research institutions, prominent Kant scholars, and specialists in Neo-Kantian and Enlightenment philosophy.

The readers of the journal are specialists engaged in research on the Baltic Region, national and municipal authorities, professors and  university students.

The journal publishes articles in the following fields:

  • complex study of countries and regions
  • economics
  • political science
  • social sciences
  • geography