03 March 2021

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad, Russia) invites international applicants to visit Open Doors day dedicated to the international Master's program of double diplomas "Functional Nanomaterials and Modern technologies". More information on https://kantiana.ru/

The Master's program "Functional Nanomaterials and Modern Technologies" is allowed for students who have obtained a Bachelor's degree (Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Cell Biology or similar programs). The three modules developed a focus on the study of modern problems in various applied areas of nanotechnology: biomedical and industrial applications, as well as optics and photonics. More information 

You will learn the modern experimental and theoretical foundations of nanotechnology methods and applications of functional nanomaterials. At the end of the studies, students who have defended their Master's dissertation receive a Master's degree in Physics (Kaliningrad, Russia). In addition, studying in the master's program of a double diploma, undergraduates have the opportunity to obtain a master's degree "M.Sc. in the field of nanotechnology" (Gdansk, Poland). More information


As part of this event, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Ask questions about the organization of admission and study in the master's program;
  • Meet the teachers leading the courses of the master's program
  • Communicate with students currently enrolled in the program
  • View dormitories and laboratories online

Learn more about the IKBFU and Kaliningrad!

"Fabrika"  Science and Technology Park.

The open day will be held on the ZOOM platform. The event starts at 09.00 (UTC +2) on January 26, 2021.

Registration is required to participate in the event. A link to the broadcast in ZOOM will be sent to registered participants at the email address after receiving the application for participation. Applications for participation are accepted till January 22, 2021, here.  If you have problems registering, you may register by contacting us via WeChat (WeChat ID: kantiana-cn). After completing the application, you will receive an automatic notification by email to confirm your registration.

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