11 April 2021

Lectures will be delivered on April 27 and 29 at 16.00 by Dr. Andrey Petukhov, professor at van ’t Hoff laboratory for physical and colloid chemistry, Utrecht University,  and at the Eindhoven University of Technology, (the Netherlands). The lectures will be conducted as a part of the "Functional nanomaterials" MA programme.

The topic of the lectures is "Introduction to self-assembly and nanostructures". Prof. Dr. Petukhov described the lecture series:

"Self-assembly at the nanoscale attracts much attention in the modern research of the last decades. Self-assembly plays a crucial role in molecular biology. It is a key concept in soft matter and nanomaterials. In my short lecture series, I shall give an introduction to the self-assembly concept. I shall then focus on colloid science, which is in the heart of nanomaterials and soft matter, and relevant for molecular life sciences. We shall then proceed to the discussion of experimental techniques that allow detailed characterisation of the nanostructures with a focus on the advanced synchrotron techniques".

Please note, that the lectures will be aimed at the general audience, and will be delivered in English.