22 October 2021

June 28, 2021 – a multiplication event within the the ERASMUS+ KA2 ALLVET project («HE and VET alliance establishment according to Bologna Principals implementation via VET teachers’ capacity building») took place online at IKBFU. The aim of this event was to disseminate the information about the training in «English for Specific Purposes (ESP)» and «Tuning Modular System / ECTS».


The presenters – Elena Zimovina, PhD., Senior Researcher of Sociological laboratory for the Risk Analysis, Modeling, and Prognostication, Alexandra Gulina, Specialist of the Division for Internationalization and International Partnerships – told the audience about the aims and goals of the upcoming training, the content and expected outcomes. They also gave a short presentation of the project itself. The audience was comprised of the faculty of the IKBFU Institute of Education and University College. The latter implements vocational education degree programmes.

The training are going to take place in autumn 2021.