27 November 2022

Pedagogy students took part in the "Teach me a Lesson" competition, where they demonstrated their public speaking skills in a foreign language in a five-minute speech. At the end of the speeches there was voting for the best speech. This year students touched upon a wide variety of topics, from psychological advice about motivation and mutual assistance to practical skills and unique recipes for cooking. The jury especially noted the enthusiasm and high level of language skills of the first-year students. Participants received diplomas and prizes.

Irina Korolenko, deputy director for educational work in the School of Philology and cross-cultural communication:

"This is the fourth year of the English-language oral competition, which has become a great tradition for our students. This is an event with a special atmosphere, where the guys are not just competing against each other, but sharing practical experience in various areas."

Polina Petrova, 4th year student:

"A great opportunity to prove yourself, open up new horizons, overcome the fear of performing in front of an audience. There was no sense of struggle between the participants, the event took place in an atmosphere of pleasant conversation and exchange of views. The audience supported us with loud applause even if someone made a mistake or was very nervous."

Lera Terekhina, 1st year student:

"I was lucky to be at this event, it was a new and extremely interesting experience for me. I made some nice acquaintances with terrific people. I was surprised by the relevance of the topics of the speeches. For example, a speech delivered by one of the participants  "How to look confident" gave valuable insights on how to handle a public speech. The discussion of "The best ways to cook noodles" inspired me to create my own unique recipe. The performance of "Look Up" introduced me to an incredible piece of writing that raises an important issue of humanity — addiction to cell phones."