27 November 2022

Kristina Borovkova from the Higher School of Living Systems presented a research on Summer variability of phytoplankton productive activity in the Baltic Sea carbon polygon.

Baltic Marine Forum is an annual international scientific event, with multiple scientific conferences, round tables and master-classes, devoted to the development of science and education in the marine industry. The Forum is aimed to share scientific and technological achievements, expand cooperation and develop innovative ideas in the sphere of shipbuilding, information technologies, aquaculture, ecology, food biotechnology, aquatic bioresources and healthcare.

“Participation in the forum allowed me to present the results of my scientific work and get valuable insights from specialists from different regions of Russia. Thanks to IKBFU I’ve managed to take part in the real science" —  said Kristina.

The student's participation in the forum was supported by the Center for Student Science at the expense of the Priority 2030 development program.