03 October 2022

On the 1st of August, a meeting of the working group under the Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia on the implementation of the state youth policy was held. Its participants discussed measures aimed at promoting the employment of students and graduates of educational institutions of higher education. The working group chaired by Director of the HSE Institute for Applied Political Research V. A. Kasamara included not only the leading universities of the country, but also representatives of the professional communities of Russia. IKBFU was introduced by Rector Alexander Fedorov and Vice-Rector for Education Irina Filchenkova.

The participants of the event paid special attention to the implementation of the project of the “Russia is a country of opportunities” organization – “Center for the Assessment and Development of Managerial Competences” in universities. They noted the importance of the project for the educational process, and also shared their experience in its implementation and effects in the professional development of students. Recall that at IKBFU became part of a large project at the end of 2021.

“Over the past two years, attention to the employment of university graduates has increased. At IKBFU, there is a system to promote employment of students and graduates, aimed at developing their hard and soft skills, including managerial competencies that meet modern labor market requirements. This task is being implemented by the Department for Professional Development of Students and Employment”, Vice-Rector Irina Filchenkova spoke about the experience of the university.

The department provides an opportunity for students to keep abreast of up-to-date information about employers in the region and vacancies, participate in career events, get an assessment of the level of development of competencies, undergo career counseling and much more. The main activities of the structure are built into a system that allows graduates to be competitive in the labor market. More information about the activities of the Department of Professional Development of Students and Employment can be found on the website, in the VK group.