03 March 2021

The first working meeting between the IKBFU and the National Medical Center was held on the 12th of February in St. Petersburg as a part of a newly created Biomedicine Consortium. Maxim Demin, the IKBFU Vice-Rector for Science, and Natalya Shusharina, Head of the Department of Development and Innovation represented the IKBFU at the meeting. The parties discussed the problem of disparity between modern scientific discoveries and their application in medical practice. This issue hampers the development of perspective and preventive medicine.

Maxim Demin emphasized:

“We need a collaboration of doctors and scientists to start in the very beginning of a scientific project development. We are mainly focused now on the joint scientific projects that would help doctors to diagnose psychiatric disorders as early as possible”.

The IKBFU and the National Medical Center have agreed on several common topics for research and the heads of the Center are expected to visit Kaliningrad in the nearest future to help enhance scientific cooperation.