24 November 2020

Round University Ranking (RUR) – is an international ranking agency.

On November, 11 the new university ranking in life sciences and Medicine was presented with the IKBFU ranked  24th and 21st accordingly.

In the world ranking, according to these ratings, the university also takes high places, being included in the list of 600 best universities in the world. Such a high position of the University positively characterizes the level of competitiveness in the international market of educational services - 553 position in life sciences and 521 in medicine. In total, 690 universities are represented in the current rating on life sciences, 46 of which are Russian, and 574 in the rating on medicine, including 25 Russian universities.

The RUR methodology is based on four directions: Teaching (40%), Research (40%), International Diversity (10%), and Financial Stability (10%).

The IKBFU has shown the best results in terms of “Financial Stability”, occupying the 14th position among Russian universities in life sciences (and 213th in the world) and the 2nd position in the Russian Federation in Medicine (70th in the world).

The dynamic development of the university in the fields of medicine and life sciences is ahead of schedule: during the three-year period from 2017 to 2019, the university increased the number of its publications in the prestigious journals indexed by Scopus database, both in medicine and life sciences, more than three times compared to the number of publications for the three-year period 2014-2016. Also, scientific works of the Univesity’s researchers are characterized by high-quality standards: the percentage of university articles on life sciences and medicine published in journals that are included in the top 10% of publications in the world, for the period 2017-2019 exceeds the average results for the country - 13.1%. In the case of publications on medical disciplines, the university exceeds the Russian average results almost twice - 11.4% and 5.9% (Russian average).

Also, the IKBFU actively cooperates with foreign and domestic colleagues, which is emphasized by the percentage of international collaborations over a three-year period in the life sciences and medical sciences - this indicator also exceeds the Russian average. The RUR rating also includes an indicator responsible for the share of international collaborations in the total number of publications of the University, for which the IKBFU improved its rating points in both subject ratings.

The IKBFU has already been ranked in RUR global ranking – 2020 and was also included in ratings on Natural and Technical Sciences.