03 March 2021

Ph.D. student at the IKBFU “Coherent X-Ray optics for Mega-science class plants” International Research Center received the “Hope of Russia” prize for advances in science.

Alexandr Barannikov was awarded the prize for his work devoted to the appliance of «SynchrotronLIKE» installation in x-ray optics testing.

The “Hope of Russia” prize in science was established in October 2008 by the Russian Engineering Union. Scientists and specialists in various spheres are welcomed to participate in the contest. The assessment committee includes professors and academicians from Russian top-universities.

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Alexander Barannikov:

“It is an honor for me to be listed among the awardees. This work is just a part of my Ph.D. thesis that is devoted to means of application of “SynchrotronLike” devices. Back in 2014 I was a sophomore when I first had a chance to work with this kind of equipment. At that time, I was entrusted with the tasks of conducting experiments and maintaining the device. Since then, I have defended two diplomas on topics related to it, and the results of my research have been repeatedly published in international journals such as Web of Science and Scopus. This device allows us to conduct most of our experiments in the lab, spending less time around the “Mega-science”- class plants that are highly required by many scholars. So one only uses them to test a well-thought theory and must be fully prepared for operating it to waste no time”.

Anatoliy Snigerev, International Research Center Director:

“My student, Alexander is the best man for this prize. It should be noted that there are only 5 prizes like this for the whole Russia.  And our center’s main focus is the development of new x-ray optical systems. The National Project in Science implies that there will be new “MegaScience” – class plants which will give our scientists more research opportunities. And thanks to the fact that we are being sponsored by the Russian Scientific Foundation, we are actively engaged in design and construction of the devices. Many “SynchrotronLike” based optics tests were carried out by Alexander as he is the one in charge of maintenance”.

The “Hope of Russia” prize was awarded in celebration of the Day of Russian Science (“Tatiana’s Day”). The contest is organized by the Russian Union of Engineering and Scientific Institutions, a non-government independent organization. The Union’s main goal is to improve cooperation between its members in terms of the protection of the social and professional rights of engineers and scientists. The Union is a successor of the Russian Technical Society, the organization created in 1866.

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