21 May 2022

Very soon a branch of the Association of Foreign Students in Russia will be opened in Kaliningrad at IKBFU, and it is one of you who will become a head of it!

The Association of International Students in Russia (AIS) was established on the initiative of international students, with the support of the universities and the Ministry of General and Professional Education of the Russian Federation.

The need to create the Association was due to the desire of international students to unite to solve a number of issues with their studies, everyday life, recreation, raising the intellectual and cultural level, physical education and sports, medical care, legal and social protection, etc.

Becoming a branch chairman is an honourable mission and we know that there are many students among you who are worthy of the position 

Waiting for your applications in the form.

Deadline for applications: May, 11th.

For any questions connected with the Association write to the International Office VK group's messages.