10 August 2020

On July 18, 2020, the IKBFU International Office and the Welcome Center organized this tour for the students.

During this sightseeing tour, the students had a chance to see and touch the history of Chernyakhovsk, they saw massive walls of Georgenburg and Insterburg Teutonic castles and visited another historic place of the town – the old stables. The students were also given a tour around other city sights: monument to the Uhlans, the castle mill, the Barclay de Tolly monument, Napoleon’s house, the old post office, the Chernyakhovsk Museum of History, the Kirch of St. Bruno, and the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael.


Durdona Djuraeva, a 3rd-year student in Information Security (Uzbekistan):

"I madly enjoyed the trip. The organizer's scheduled everything splendidly. The guides were very erudite, told very interesting things about the sights, horses and the castle. Everything was great".

Stiff Chavez, a 1st-year History student, (Costa Rica):

"The trip to Chernyakhovsk was a great opportunity for us to see and learn more about the region where we study. During our trip, we got acquainted with the history of the Kaliningrad region, admired the castles. We got acquainted with German architecture and enjoyed the beauty of the countryside. The trip was cognitive. Each of those present enjoyed it and it was an incredible experience and I look forward to going on a trip like the one again”.

The IKBFU International Office and the Welcome Center stuff plan to carry out more trips for international students in July and August. The information on the trips will be updated in the international students' group chat.