24 November 2020

The event was held in an “open-class” form.

On November 13, 2020, the traditional action "My first foreign language lesson" took place in Kant FFU, where international students of the IKBFU became lecturers of interactive classes.

On seven online sites, international students told about the language and culture of their native country. The participants got acquainted with Armenian, Chinese, French, German, Lithuanian, Polish, and Spanish.

The event was held in an "open class" form. The participants freely switched from lesson to lesson, thus plunging into live communication with people from other countries, getting acquainted with their culture, and taking their first steps in learning several languages at once.

The event was attended by over 600 people, including people from the Kaliningrad region not affiliated with the University, students of schools, universities, as well as students from other regions of Russia and countries such as Armenia, Bulgaria, and Italy. For international students, this event is a unique experience that helps them practice their teaching skills, adapt to the language environment, and make new acquaintances among the residents of the country where they study.

Joshua Escobar, a student from Ecuador at the IKBFU Institute for the Humanities, the Spanish Lecturer:

“This was a great experience for me! I greatly enjoyed participating in the event. There were 20 students attending my class and to my surprise, they were not all from the Kaliningrad Region, but also from Indonesia, the UK, Bulgaria”.

Pierre Grube, a student from Germany at the IKBFU Institute for the Humanities, the German Lecturer:

“I am grateful to the University for this opportunity to teach my native language”.