03 July 2020

The Institute of Education offers a large variety of programmes with many of them being state-funded.

There are 165 state-funded places for Bachelor degree programmes, 63 for Master programmes and 13 for post-graduate programmes. The number of state-funded places will stay the same for three years. Previously there were only 40-50 state-funded places in Pedagogical education institutions.

Anna Budarina, the Director of the Institute of Education:

“In the past few years, pedagogy has been one of the priority areas for which more state-funded places have been allocated. This happens because there are more and more children in preschools and school today. In the Kaliningrad region there is a shortage of teachers and, first of all, teachers of primary education, Russian language, mathematics, computer science, English language, technology, teachers of preschool education, speech therapists, and teachers-psychologists.  And together with the regional Ministry of Education, we have a clear understanding of which specialists are demanded the most”.