21 May 2022

The seminar was held at the university from April, 17 to April, 20 as a part of Immanuel Kant’s 300th birthday celebration. More than 50 experts from leading scientific centers took part in the discussion. IKBFU students, mainly of philosophy and history also delivered their reports in the course of the conference. The students have an opportunity to exchange their ideas with world-class scientists and philosophers.

Alexander Fedorov, IKBFU Rector:

“This scientific seminar is carried out within the framework of scientific discourse. It is important for us as we get closer to the year 2024, where we will see the turning point in critical thinking. To prepare for it we must accumulate scientific knowledge, come up with topics for discussion and make teams to carry out this kind of international event. Another important part of our mission is to attract as many students as possible, and to achieve so we need to carry out the work with the young people. And to do so we will start a new course on critical thinking in September”.