29 November 2021

April 23 and 26, 2021 – IKBFU representatives – Elena Zimovina, PhD., Senior Researcher of Sociological laboratory for the Risk Analysis, Modeling, and Prognostication, Alexandra Gulina, Specialist of the Division for Internationalization and International Partnerships – successfully completed a study programme of the Training devoted to the ideas of organization and management of online education. The Training was organized by the University of Kragujevac (Serbia), the coordinator of the Erasmus+ KA2 ALLVET project («HE and VET alliance establishment according to Bologna Principals implementation via VET teachers’ capacity building»).   

In the course of the Training, an inside into the Moodle educational platform was presented to the participants. Upon completion of the contact training, the participants also worked on a series of practice-oriented tasks aimed at providing them with hands-on experience of using Moodle. The skills gained will be used during the later stages of project implementation.