29 October 2020

This is a part of the cooperation between the university, the largest soy producer in Europe (“Sodruzhestvo”), and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Within the framework of the consortium agreement, the parties plan to implement a number of ambitious projects aimed primarily at developing technologies for processing soybeans into high value-added products in order to increase the export potential of the enterprise and introduce high-tech products into the production line.

Alexandr Shenderyuk-Zhidkov, CEO of the “Sodruzhestvo” company:

“We are the largest agrarian company in the country. We clearly understand that the future belongs to high technologies. Cooperation with the IKBFU is an opportunity to move to advanced processing through scientific research. By uniting our efforts with the university specialists we want to introduce products aimed at biodiversity conservation and sustainable business development. Now we must place our bets on replacing exhausting non-renewable resources with renewable ones. All economically sound initiatives will be implemented by the “Sodruzhestvo” Group in investment projects that we plan to implement in Kaliningrad Region”.


Mr. Shenderyuk-Zhidkov added that this cooperation will open new horizons in terms of scientific and educational cooperation. For example, the IKBFU offers a MA Degree programme in “Applied Biotechnology”. And many of the IKBFU alumni work at the “Sodruzhestvo” group. The IKBFU Rector put an emphasis on the importance of the University cooperation and the largest Russian agricultural products exporter for finding solutions to global ecological problems.

Alexandr Fedorov, IKBFU Rector:

“We are in the process of solving important strategic goals: creating a new education and RnD center in cooperation with the “Sodruzhestvo” group”.

The Rector also mentioned that the “Baltic Valley” Science and Technology Center will make the university’s importance both on regional and global markets.


Vladimir Tishkov, Prof.Dr. in Chemistry, Head of the Molecular Engineering Department at the “Fundamentals  of Biotechnology” Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

“We are ready to provide all the necessary consultations and equipment needed for the research”.

Maxim Demin, IKBFU Vice-Rector for Science was put in charge of the cooperation project:

“My goal is to convene experts in the genetics and food industry within the framework of the cooperation between the IKBFU and the “Sodruzhestvo” group”.