29 October 2020

First-year students from the PRC have already begun their classes.

The training program is unique in the form of its implementation: Chinese students from all over the country,  undergo to the network training program in the Chinese partner university, where they learn the first year of the educational program according to the curriculum agreed with the IKBFU.

Only a part of educational disciplines is conducted online. The IKBFU constantly monitors the quality of the educational process, provides methodological support to specialists of Shandong Polytechnic University.

It is expected that in 2021 the students who have mastered the first-year educational program in their homeland will go to Kaliningrad, where they will continue their education, immersed in the Russian-speaking environment.


It should be reminded that on June 19, 2020, agreements were signed between the IKBFU and Shandong Polytechnic University on the implementation of the programme "Russian as a foreign language" (direction "Philology"). The Program was developed within the framework of the national project "Export of Russian Education" to popularize the Russian language and culture. The signing of the agreements became possible due to active joint work that started in December 2019.