27 September 2020

Dr. Yuri Skalin, Chief Doctor of the IKBFU Clinical Diagnostic Center told us about simple rules we all should follow to study and work safely.

—  Dr. Skalin, what steps exactly were taken, and what is yet to be done for the University to get back to the normal, pre-pandemic state?

— On the eve of the academic year, the university carried out a number of anti-epidemiological measures, which are carried out during outbreaks of various kinds of viral or other infectious diseases, for instance, new ventilation systems and air conditioners were serviced, all rooms and halls underwent general cleaning before the start of the academic year, and today general cleanings are organized on a regular basis, etc. However, coronavirus is not a trivial viral infection, it is a much more serious disease that requires increased attention from the university administration, professors, staff, and, of course, students. Special rules of entry to a university building are now in force.


— What are those rules?

—  It is now required to wear a mask when entering a university facility, if someone suddenly does not have it, a disposable mask will be issued at the entrance to the building. There are volunteers in every building measuring the temperature of everyone entering the building. Then people entering a building are required to treat their hands with disinfectant solutions from the installed dispensers. I emphasize that everyone at the university must wear a mask all the time. Our goal is to ensure that everything happens quickly, without queues and congestion and, of course, at a social distance. Students and staff members of the university should have an electronic pass. It is important not to allow outsiders to enter the university premises.


— What if a person’s body temperature is elevated?

— In that case, an ambulance brigade will be called to decide what to do. After all, high temperature is not always a sign of coronavirus, but it always signals that something is wrong with a person’s health. Before the doctors arrive, an employee or student with a high temperature will be placed in an isolation ward. In general, I would like to ask students, teachers, and university staff to pay close attention to their health. If you feel unwell in the morning, if you are stuffed up, or if you can't smell, take your temperature. And if it is elevated, stay home and call a doctor. Under any circumstances, do not go to school or work in this condition. This can have unpleasant consequences not only for you, but also for others.

— How often should temperatures be taken?

— Ideally, this should be done three times a day, because the human condition can change. And if you do not have a fever in the morning, it does not mean that you won’t have it in the afternoon. We plan to take student’s and professor’s temperature before and after classes so that it wouldn’t affect the learning process. But please understand that sometimes a student doesn’t spend a lot of time in the university, they might have just a couple of classes. In this case, of course, it is impossible to take the temperature three times. Therefore, we will proceed from the principle of expediency and reasonableness.


— Can I have my mask replaced if I lost it?

— Yes, sure. It is important to note that you may use a disposable mask for not more than four hours. Please, read carefully the instruction on mask use and follow it strictly. And as soon as a mask’s lifetime is over, apply to the Institute's Directorate for a new one. It is a great request to treat the masks given to you with care - do not tear them up on purpose. Also, do not leave a facility if you don’t need to, because you’ll have to go through the check-up again upon entry. And one more thing, due to the pandemic, please come to the university only to attend classes. Don't come to the university without a good reason, do not make appointments here or some other events. Let us take responsibility for our health and the health of others.