24 November 2020

In accordance with the agreement between the IKBFU, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), and Sevastopol State University (SevSU) new teaching programmes for marine research will be introduced at the universities.

Sevastopol State University, Far Eastern Federal University, and the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University have signed an agreement to create a “University consortium”.  The universities will form an effective training system with many teaching programmes that will help future professionals to gain competence useful to achieve goals set to ensure economic and social growth and development. It is also planned to create a cutting-edge education and research cluster on the World Ocean studies.


The priority directions of the University Consortium will be implementation of joint educational programs, scientific and practical conferences, seminars, Olympiads, contests and exhibitions, formation and implementation of programmes aimed at supporting talented young people.

The scientific activities of the consortium members will be focused on the study of the World Ocean through the integration of research and educational potential of universities with the involvement of leading research organizations. It is also planned to implement a large and sophisticated research framework that would include opportunities for conducting marine expeditions.


Alexandr Fedorov, IKBFU Rector:

“The social and economic studies of the Baltic Region have always been among the IKBFU’s top research priorities since this region has large prospects in terms of international cooperation. Hence our researches have been working hard to provide predictions on the territory’s further development in terms of economics, international relations and how it would affect Russian regions. Apart from all the research that is being conducted, scientists at the IKBFU Ocean Geography Department train high-qualified professionals in marine environmental management. Thanks to all these achievements, the Consortium will be a new stage in the university development and will help to set up a research center of excellence in cooperation with our partners”.

Nikita Anisimov, FEFU Rector:

“Far Eastern Federal University has considerable experience in studying the World Ocean. Since the University’s location close to the Pacific and the Arctic Ocean, we are capable to enjoy our research potential to solve a range of tasks in Natural Science, Engineering, and Medicine. The establishment of the consortium is an important step in fortifying scientific collaboration with colleagues from other regions for integrated interaction and exchange of experience in the study of the ocean and its resources.  In the future, we look forward to engaging other leading universities and research centers conducting research in this critical area in the consortium”.

Vladimir Nechaev, SevSU Rector:

“It is important for the Sevastopol State University to conduct marine research since the study of the large Mediterranean is one of our main priorities. Thanks to the cooperation with the IKBFU and FEFU we will have an opportunity to create a network devoted to marine studies.  Dr. Fedorov, Dr. Anisimov, and I have come up with this idea some time ago as our universities are located in coastal regions, and, thus, have similar problems and all of them are tightly linked to sea exploration. We all have our own scientific competencies, teams, and equipment required to conduct research. By cooperating we will be able to study the three different marine systems. Thanks to this we will reach a previously impossible level of full-scale research that we were incapable to do before the cooperation agreement”.