27 November 2022

More than 200 young researchers and scientists took part in the Forum. Colleagues from Russia, Germany, Serbia, Korea, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Israel, USA and many other countries discussed most recent scientific events, shared new ideas and concepts and developed practical solutions that the region’s government is willing to support.

The governor of the Kaliningrad region, Anton Alikhanov:

«Scientific and technological development is among the region’s top priorities. We hope that this forum will help new ideas emerge and flourish, and we will be glad to support both aspiring and established scientists.»

IKBFU rector, Alexander Fedorov:

«We have done a lot of work in terms of improving the forum. This year there is a new section on neurophilosophy, which will create a strong bulwark for a full-fledged "critique of artificial intelligence". The development of neuroscience and artificial intelligence technologies is one of the key vectors of engineering and research activities for the university for the next ten years. The forum acts as a kind of presentation of intermediate results of the participants of the consortia "Neurotechnology" and "Neuroscience and Neuropractice", carried out in order to implement the strategic projects of BFU "Cognitive longevity" and "Puzzle"».

A competition for young researchers will be held within the framework of the Baltic Neuroforum. The scientists will present projects aimed at solving problems for business, health care, and sports. The best of them will receive financial support from the university's industrial partner "Sodruzhestvo" corporation. The prize fund will amount to 750 thousand rubles.