29 November 2021

July 30, 2020 – a meeting on the organization of the training within ALLVET («HE and VET alliance establishment according to Bologna Principals implementation via VET teachers’ capacity building») project in the period of the pandemic. The speakers elaborated on the essence of the training during three presentations, including:

1) “Introduction to the ESP training syllabus and suggestions for self-study materials” (Kelly Pasmatzi, Vicky Papachristou, SEERC, Greece);

2) “Preparation of Pedagogical ECTS/ Tuning modular system training” (Ivan Dyukarev, University of Deusto, Spain);

3) “Initial training on Tuning Methodology and ECTS/ Tuning modular system” (Alex Rayon, University of Deusto, Spain).

Moreover, the draft version of the project web-page was presented and discussed.

IKBFU was represented at this meeting by Elena Zimovina, Ph.D., Senior Researcher of Sociological laboratory for the risk analysis, modeling, and prognostication.

The next stage of the project implementation is planned to start in September 2020.