10 August 2020

Only 10 people of 280 applicants were awarded the scholarship.

Polina Medvedskaya, a postgraduate student at the International Research Center “Coherent optics for MegaScience-class plants”  was awarded Alferov Scholarship in Physics and Nanotechnology. The scholarships were established by the President of Russia on the 12th of July 2019 in memory of Zhores Alferov.

In total, 10 personal scholarships out of 280 applications were approved within the framework of the All-Russian competition. The scholarship was given to young scientists participating in research activities in physics and nanotechnology and having scientific works published in international or all-Russian peer-reviewed journals and publications reflecting outstanding scientific achievements of a young scientist or a postgraduate student.

Polina Medvedskaya:

“I am honored to know that my work was appreciated at such a high level and awarded such an honorary scholarship along with young scientists from leading universities of the country. This inspires me to carry on my scientific research, which is devoted to the application of unique nanotechnology for the development of diamond X-ray micro-optics for new highly coherent sources of synchrotron radiation”.


Anatoliy Snigirev, Head of the IRC “Coherent optics for MegaScience-class plants”:

“Polina undoubtedly deserves such meaningful support and recognition. She's taken on the most responsible part of our diamond X-ray micro-optics project. Thanks to her perseverance and professionalism, we were the first to be able to demonstrate the unique possibilities of creating a new generation of lenses made with focused ion beams on the IRC Carl ZEISS, Crossbeam 540. I was lucky to get acquainted with Zhores Ivanovich (Alferov) in 1983 in Sukhumi, where he held his traditional physics school for young scientists. Throughout the week he personally conducted all meetings and was available to everyone for any questions and discussions from morning to late evening. Of course, we did not think at the time that we were meeting with a future Nobel laureate, but the fact that we were lucky to communicate with a man of great talent and great soul was undeniable. We all sincerely congratulate Polina, and we are confident that she will keep up the good work".

The scholarship was established in memory of the Nobel laureate of 2000 - Russian physicist, academician Zhores Ivanovich Alferov. The scientist received the Nobel Prize for the development of semiconductor heterostructures used in high-frequency circuits and optoelectronics.