09 August 2022

Young people came to Kaliningrad for knowledge from all over the world. Future chemists, doctors, teachers, economists and linguists from Brazil, Indonesia, Iraq, China, Morocco, Syria, France, the CIS countries and the Baltic states received diplomas of higher education on the 5th of July at the Cathedral. Foreign students told kantiana.ru why they chose Kaliningrad and IKBFU, about student life and plans for the future.

Zemirli 2

Four years ago, Zemirli Maroan from Morocco came to Kaliningrad to support his country's football national team at the World Cup. The young man liked it so much that he decided to stay.

“At first, I studied at the preparatory faculty in Voronezh, studied the Russian language and culture. But after the World Cup I decided that my city is Kaliningrad. I entered an interesting direction for me – “Management”. At first it was very difficult, but the teachers and the guys from the International Office always supported and helped to adapt. Now in Kaliningrad I have many friends and acquaintances. He also actively played his favorite football here. The university has everything for sports and even more”.

Durdona 1

Durdona Juraeva from Uzbekistan decided to continue her studies at the university, but now in the magistracy already. The girl devoted four years to studying databases and codes on the Information Security program. In her opinion, she did not make a mistake with her specialty, as well as with the city.

“I like Kaliningrad, the climate suits me very well, it reminds me of Tashkent,” said Durdona. – In the first year, I confess, it was difficult. We still had a not very attentive and responsible headman. And in the end, my classmates chose me for this position. I thank the staff of the International Office for their support, they helped at any time of the day or night. This is especially important at the very start, during registration, field trips, and internships. Now a new stage begins, I will go to study further, and I also plan to apply for a job tomorrow. I hope they will accept me!”

Ilya 1

Ilya Smolins, the graduate from Latvia, spent six years at the university. First, he studied at the bachelor's degree in “Information Security”, and then in the master's program in the “International and European Law” department. The decision after the IT-sphere to go into law is explained simply:

“I was in search of myself and my favorite thing. If it does not go in one area, then there is always a spare. In addition, I was offered a vacancy for a lawyer, but in an IT company. Such an interdisciplinary position.”

Immediately after graduation, Ilya will visit relatives in Latvia, after which, together with a girl will go to the Kemerovo region.

“Perhaps this is temporary. The girl was offered a very good job. I am sure I will find myself there too. But in the future, we have a dream to move to St. Petersburg”, added Ilya.

The graduate promises to remember his student years with joy and gratitude.

“At the university, I was able to do my favorite hobby – swimming, I was even in the university team. Here I found both love and friends. By the way, my best friend from Latvia also entered IKBFU. He liked everything: the city, the hostel, and the university buildings. And the word of mouth worked: I also decided to link my life with the IKBFU. I remember asking my friends from Latvia to guess how much I pay for a hostel here. Versions were: from 20 to 100 euros. They could hardly believe that only 600 rubles. The scholarship was small, but somehow magically covered accommodation, mobile communications and transport”, said Ilya.

Per 5

Pierre Mode from France decided to learn Russian, as one of the most popular in the world. He completed his master's degree in “Data Analysis and the Digital Economy”.

“I was very interested to know the history and culture of this country. After graduation, I will go home and rest. But I will be back again soon. For two years now I have been working in Kaliningrad in a good company. I will continue to build my career further, however, already in the field of marketing. Working and studying here in Russia is an incredible experience for a lifetime. And I thank my classmates, teachers for this wonderful time.”

The future chemist-biotechnologist Sofia Aliyeva from Baku (Azerbaijan) was unable to fully integrate into university life in her first year of master's studies due to the situation with the coronavirus. But the teachers supported her online, conducted individual consultations and lectures.

“One of the main reasons for choosing this university is Kaliningrad for sure. I liked the city; it is so beautiful. And I also looked at the ratings of the university: IKBFU occupies a worthy place, including among foreign universities. IKBFU is generally in my style: everything here is modern, excellent equipment for research and study, everything is within walking distance.”

Rodrigo 1

Rodrigo Portillo, a bachelor's graduate from Guatemala, studied the intricacies of tourism activities. In his opinion, it is important for a foreign student not to be afraid and actively participate in the events held by the university. Rodrigo missed almost none.

“In Russia, I met guys from many countries. Traveling so far away from home is a challenge, stepping out of your comfort zone. Now I know that nothing is impossible for me. I plan to find a job in the United Arab Emirates soon, while I am interviewing. It helps, of course, in finding a job knowing several languages. By the way, Russian turned out to be the easiest to learn. And I was inspired by the Russian theater. Very often I went to performances at the Kaliningrad Drama Theater.”


Rashid Baimuratov from Uzbekistan devoted both his bachelor’s and master’s studies to learn the topical issues of ecology and nature management.

“This is a very interesting specialty, but at first, I rather chose a location for admission. Kaliningrad, like my hometown, is so cozy and comfortable. Now I want to take root here. Moreover, I already work in a scientific laboratory and, most likely, I will continue to study already in a postgraduate school”, the graduate emphasized.

CHursin Dmitriy 1

Dmitry Chursin, a certified bachelor from Israel, wanted to develop tourism in the Kaliningrad region. The young man plans to continue his studies – perhaps the choice will again fall on the IKBFU.

“My father is from the Amber Region. I really wanted to see his homeland, get acquainted with the local culture and architecture. I was driving into complete uncertainty, there were no expectations at all. But in the end, I really liked everything. I was lucky to take part in many interesting city and university activities. One of the most memorable – at the celebration of the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great, I was a participant in rowing a boat and walked 160 km along the river. It was very cool! And today is an important and memorable day for me. Unfortunately, the parents could not come. But here are my Kaliningrad friends. They shouted the loudest when I was handed my diploma.”