PhD & DSc in Philosophy

Director of Academia Kantiana

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Academic degree

PhD & DSc in Philosophy

Spheres of scientific interests

Kant & Neo-Kantianism; Russian Philosophy; Classical German Philosophy; History and Theory of Intellectuals and Intelligentsia

Positions at other organizations

Professor, Department of Philosophy, Institute of Social and Humanitarian Education, Moscow State Pedagogical University
Affiliated Researcher, Interdisciplinary Centre for European Enlightenment Studies (IZEA), Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Research projects, year(s)
  • Kantian Rationality and Its Impact in Contemporary Science, Technology, and Social Institutions (Megagrant, 2019-2021)
  • Men in History and in Culture: Philosophical-Anthropological and -Historical Conceptions of the Russian Neo-Kantianism (D. Gavronsky, J. Gordin, G. Gordon, H. Lanz, S. Rubinstein, S. Hessen, and others) (RFH, 2014-2016)
  • The phenomenon of Russian Neo-Kantianism in the Context of Russian and European Philosophy at the End of the 19th — the First Half of the 20th Century (Council for Scholarships of the President of Russian Federation, 2011-2012)
  • The ‘Philosophical Ship’ of Russian Intelligentsia in the Mirror of German Publicity (1922 – 1923) (Marion Dönhoff Foundation, Germany, 2007)
  • Russian Neo-Kantianism of Marburg School: Theoretical and Historical Sources (Gerda Henkel Foundation, Germany, 2006)

Boris Alexandrovich Fokht: Study in the History of the Russian Neo-Kantianism (RFH, 2000-2001)

Membership in Russian or international professional communities

Member of the Kant-Society of Germany (Kant-Gesellschaft e.V.)

Member of the International Society of Hermann Cohen (Zurich, Switzerland)

Editor-in-Chief of the Kantian Journal (IKBFU, Kaliningrad, Russia)

Editorial Board member of the Sofia Philosophical Review (Sofia University, Bulgaria)

Editorial Board member of the Problems of Contemporary Education (MSPU, Moscow, Russia)

Expert included in the Federal Register of Experts in Science and Technology (Russia)

Awards and Merits
  • 2007 Alexey Losev Competition for the best scientific work in the field of the humanities
  • 2000 Scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation


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Practical Philosophy