Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Carbon Composite Materials

The Laboratory of Functional Powder and Carbon Composite Materials is the youngest one in the Fabrika Science and Technology Park. In less than one year, areas of research have been identified and cooperation has been established with research institutions and industrial enterprises in Russia and abroad, and some basic process equipments were purchased.

The laboratory is focused on Materials Science and Nanotechnology of the Structural and Functional Composite Materials. In particular, the Laboratory performs research and development on the subject ‘Research, Development and Implementation of the Carbon Composite Material Technology’. The partners of the lab are the State Scientific and Production Powder Metallurgy Association, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk and OAO «Kompozit» is the leading company of the Federal Space Agency in space materials science.

Today, the Laboratory is part of the X-ray Imaging and Material Physics Research and Educational Centre and it is active in two research areas. The first deals with the preparation of carbon composite materials and their applications. The second deals with the formation and stability of the intermediate phases and amorphous state in the special-purpose alloys with ultrafast cooling the alloys under non-equilibrium conditions, including conditions of quenching from the liquid state.

The laboratory carries our systematic research on improving the technology used to produce unidirectional carbon composite rods of a small diameter. It also includes nanoscale inclusions to add special properties to carbon materials. The technologies of making rod-shaped spatial reinforcing structures designed to automate labour-intensive processes are improved, e.g spraying melted material jets with a stream of inert gas produces a wide range of functional powder materials for special purposes.