Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Strategy and Mission


Strategic priorities

The University is named after Immanuel Kant to honour the great philosopher and to shape the prism?

The University is named after Immanuel Kant, not only as an honour to the great philosopher, but also  shaping the prism through which  we look at the world. The research priorities we have selected reflect the Kantian humanist ideals   and touch upon the most important spheres of life.

  • Intellectual and spiritual culture: geographically and historically, the Kaliningrad region is a melting pot of national, religious, intellectual traditions. By maintaining this civilizational dialogue, we are able to understand both ourselves and the Other, so studying all aspects of cultural, social and intellectual communication between Russia and Europe is a priority for the University.

  • Culture of health: the Kaliningrad region has a significant recreational potential, thus the development and implementation of biomedical technologies and other technologically advanced forms of healthcare corresponds to the strategy of regional development. Since both social and technological spin in healthcare, as well as maintaining the quality of life and increasing life expectancy are a priority, the University focuses both on contents and organization of healthcare.

  • Material culture: Additive technologies  and new materials, as well as independent control systems  are already creating a new material world. This priority has both theoretical and practical importance for the University  and the surrounding region: new products and technologies will be needed in a variety of spheres, from medicine to urban development.