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The Institute’s history dates back to 1998, when first students were enrolled on the ‘Logistics and Transport Management’ and ‘Traffic Management’ programmes. In 2001, the Faculty of Service was established. It comprised the Departments of Technology and Entrepreneurship and Sociocultural Service and Tourism. The principal goal of the Faculty was to teach professional engineers and engineering managers. In 2012, the Faculty was transformed into an institute, which brought together 1,000 students. The Institute incorporates the Regional Research and Educational centre for Transport and Shipbuilding.

The mission of the Institute is to educate highly qualified and competitive professionals in transport, logistics and engineering. The Institutes delivers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes and integrates education with research.

Partners of the Institute are leading transport and technical engineering companies of the region as well as education institutions. The Institute provides practice-oriented programmes meeting the needs and demands of the industry.

The Institute strives to enhance the staff and students’ professional and academic experience by participating in international mobility programmes.



Director of the Institute of Engineering and Technology – Prof Sergey Koryagin


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