Ум возвышен, остроумие прекрасно. Смелость возвышенна и величественна, хитрость ничтожна, но красива.

Types of Classes

The Summer School offers a unique set of courses that helps students to develop their professional skills necessary to every lawyer. The courses offered during the School are divided into two sessions: English speaking session and Russian speaking session. Lectures in these sessions are hold simultaneously (i.e. in the same time but in different rooms). In an application form a student shall mention which session he would primarily take lessons in (please note to receive a certificate student shall take not less than 6 courses in one session). Based on application forms students are subscribed to either English or Russian session. Students may attend courses in other session only if it does not overlap with the timetable of the main session.

The Summer School offers different types of classes that make study in the School not just very practical but also fascinating.


All courses taught in the School are structured in such a way that students have an opportunity to study not only the theoretical part of interested sphere, e.g. negotiations, mediation, preparation of legal documents, but also to apply this knowledge in moot courts, public presentations or write contract and statute drafts etc.

Brown Bag Seminars

A Brown Bag seminar, session or lunch is generally an informal discussion during a lunch break while eating. It is often followed by a discussion of the topic which is interesting for a future lawyer, e.g. attorneys fee practice, or during brown bags professors share their experience, point at advantages or disadvantages with regard to discussed topic, give recommendations on best options to decide a particular situation).

Brown-bag seminars will normally run for one hour. They normally take place during lunch time and attendees (students, professors) bring their lunch meals (pizza, sandwiches, drinks etc.). Sometimes the Administration of the Summer School delivers brown bag lunches.

The term "brown bag" refers to the packed lunch meals that are either brought along by the attendees or provided by the host. In the US, these are often packed in brown paper bags.


This form of seminar is widely used at US Universities. During Reception students practice their skills to lobby a legal issue by holding short negotiations with several opponents. The seminar is a moot of an official reception devoted to discussion of debatable draft. Participants of a reception are representatives of a legislative body, as well as adherents and opponents of a discussed issue. Students play different roles of participants at the reception.

Despite of the fact that there no official lobbying of a draft in Russia, participation in such a reception allows students to develop their skills to present their view in a short and convincing manner, develop ways of argumentation while discussing the issue and to convince an opponent.

Students from both sessions English and Russian are welcome to participate in the reception.

Video conference with “White&Case” Law Firm

The Summer School offers students a unique opportunity to discuss legal issues with lawyers of one of the world leading law firms White Case. Conference is led by the most prominent lawyers of the firm. Lawyers that have rich experience share with students the most interesting and actual issues of professional ethics etc.

The topics may vary. Conference is hold both in English and in Russian.

Online Seminar with the Students of Law Clinic of Georgetown University (Washington DC, USA)

This seminar is a unique opportunity for English speaking students to discuss various issues of Street Law together with law students of Georgetown University. The seminar is led by the Head of Street Law High Schools Clinic Professor Richard Roe The seminar is organized as a video conference.

Social Life

The Summer School is not only intensive but interesting course, it is also an opportunity to discover the city of Immanuel Kant, to learn more about amber and, of course, to spend some time at dunes in the unique National Park “Curonian Spit” and the Baltic sea shore.

Traditionally the Organizing Committee offers for all students and professors a team building session that takes place at the seaside. Participants can take part in team competitions, beach games and, of course, unforgettable swimming in the Baltic sea.

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