Гений — это талант изобретения того, чему невозможно научить или научиться.

Fees and scholarships

In 2019, the enrollment on the School is opened for 65 participants.

There are 3 groups of students in School these year:

- Lawyers : English speaking group - 20 participants

- Economists : English & Russian speaking group - 20 participants

- Lawyers : Russian speaking group - 25 participants

The cost of training in the School for one student is 700 Euros.

For VISA SUPPORT email here: bfusummerschool@gmail.com


The Organizing Committee of the School provides 60 scholarships:

1)Students who apply for the participation in the School before  July 1, 2019, get an opportunity to get Immanuel Kant University stipendium of 550 EUROS. Students who get it then only pay for meals program during classes and teambuilding sessions – 150 EUROS (should be paid at check-in).

2) Students who apply for participation in the School after July 1 and until July 15, 2019, can be admitted to School at 50% of the cost of training in the School.

3) Students who apply for participation in the School after July 15, 2019, pay 100% of the fee – 700 Euros.

The participants have to pay for their transfer and accommodation in Kaliningrad.

The Organizing Committee assists in placing students who were the first to apply and enrolled in the School after the provision of ticket scans in the School’s hostel at low prices.

More about it read in section ACCOMODATION

Additional scholarships

The Organizing Committee of the Summer School announces the possibility of obtaining 7 scholarship positions for professors’ assistants and for students with administrative assistant skills.

The professor's assistant job is to assist one or two teachers in organizational matters related to the conduct of classes (photocopying materials, preparing boards and markers, etc.).

The duties of the assistant to the administration include assisting the school administration in organizing information dissemination among students, coffee breaks, processing of current information, preparing information about the school for posting on the site and other small assignments.

Students from outside Kaliningrad selected as an assistant professor or administrative assistant can get an opportunity to stay in the Hostel's rooms booked by the Organizing Committee of the School at special low prices.

IKBFU Students selected for these positions get a 15 euro discount on meals fee during the school.

In order to receive the scholarship for the assistant, it is necessary to mention about it in the motivation letter (why do you want to become a professor’s assistant or an assistant to the administration? Why we should choose you?) and by filling out the application in accordance with the general requirements. Contenders with experience in participation in other schools, contests for law students in Russia and abroad, work in a legal clinic have better chances.

About the conditions of participation read here.

Any questions related to participation in the summer-autumn school should be sent to the Organizing Committee at: BFUSummerSchool@gmail.com.

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