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Students from outside Kaliningrad can stay either in pre-booked rooms of a hostel-Summer School partner or find a place themselves.

Price in Hostel room varies from 600 to 1200 rubles per night (approx. $10-20).

If you plan to stay in the Hostel you must write about it in your Motivation letter.

Rooms at the Hostel will be filled in by the principle of the first student applied-first student with scanned ticket to Kaliningrad.

Number of pre-booked rooms in the Hostel is limited within the total number of rooms in the Hostel. Lack of information about accommodation in Kaliningrad at all is considered as you plan to find accommodation place independent from the School administration.

Accommodation in hostel

Hostel "Education" is located in a quiet and cozy place on the Tomskaya Street on the 4th floor of the Kaliningrad Regional Institute of Education Development. The hostel has free Wi-Fi, a computer for individual work, board games and parking. The main difference of the hostel is the complete absence of bunk beds.

Nearby there are the main tourist attractions of Kaliningrad – the “Royal Gates” (7 minutes), the” Amber Museum” (10 minutes), the Square of Marshal Vasilevskiy (10 min.).

Around the building there is a beautiful green garden with the famous Königsberg chestnuts. The charm of the place is complemented by a road from the ancient eternal German block-stone. You can walk to the city center in 15 minutes and to the bus stop in 3 minutes.

You can take a tram No. 3 or 5 (to the “Frunze Street” station) to get to the Tomskaya Street or take a shuttle bus No. 77 or 74 (the stop near the shop "Kvartal-Alexandra and Co").

More information about the hostel can be found on the official website.

When searching for the address you need, consider the following.

The numbering of houses in Kaliningrad differs from the all-Russian one. Numbers are not for buildings, but entrances. In one building with four entrances there will be four house numbers. On the front side of every building there is a sign (for example): “Leninsky Prospekt Avenue, 52-58”. Directly the house number is written above the entrance.

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