Рассудок не черпает свои законы (a priori) из природы, а предписывает их ей.


In order to apply for the Summer School 2019 submit an application form to Organizing Committee until July 1, 2018.

An application could be submitted in English or in Russian for the relevant section of the School.

Please attach the following documents to your application:

1.CV (including personal information, education, additional education, work experience in the legal clinic, experience in participation in contests, other schools, etc., if any, knowledge of languages, other skills, hobbies, etc.). If you apply to the English school group, the CV is compulsorily compiled in English. The resume form is free).

2.Letter of Recommendation should be signed by a Professor from your university or school (scanned and signed). For students from IKBFU a Letter of Recommendation is not necessary. A letter of recommendation is compiled in Russian or in English.

3.Motivation letter up to 200 words (1 page), in which you need to specify why you want to participate in the VIII Summer School in IKBFU, why the Administration of the School should choose you. Here you should inform the Administration if you would like to stay in the Hostel-partner of the Summer School.

If you apply to the English Section of the School, then the motivation letter is necessarily written in English.

4. Your photo (as, for example, the one in your passport) in .JPEG format.

5. Consent to the processing of personal data. A check mark is used when completing the on-line applying form.

The application is to be filled online at the School website.

If you have technical difficulties, please contact the Organizing Committee at: bfusummerschool@gmail.com

The selection of students from other regions of Russia will take place in two stages.

At the first stage, students will receive confirmation of admission to the Summer School, and several days will be given to purchase tickets to Kaliningrad and send the scans of tickets to the Organizing Committee.

At the same time, a waiting list will be drawn up.

The final enrollment in the Summer School will take place after the expiration of the period given for the provision of scanned copies of the tickets to Kaliningrad, upon receipt of these scans by the organizing committee.

If a student who passes through the first stage does not send a ticket scan within the specified period, he loses the right to be enrolled in the School, and this right passes to the student from the waiting list.

On the terms of payment and scholarships, read here.

For information about accommodations during the School, read here.

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