Рассудок не черпает свои законы (a priori) из природы, а предписывает их ей.


Dr. Ekaterina Osipova – Director

Deputy Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Associate Professor at Department for Criminal Procedure, Criminalistics and Legal Technology (PhD in Criminalistics), Director of Legal Clinic at IKBFU.

Dr. Osipova graduated from Kaliningrad State University and obtained her doctor degree also at this University. She studied at University of Hamburg, Greifswald, Kille and Augsburg (Germany), Turku (Finland), Cambridge University (UK), several universities in the USA and Canada including a semester study in Washington where she worked on research of Human Trafficking.

In 2013-2014 she completed a series of training as a coach on interactive teaching of professional skills in legal clinics organized by Russia and American Association of Lawyers.

Currently Ekaterina is a Member of Board of the Centre for Development of Legal Clinics in Russia (Moscow).

Ekaterina Osipova is an inspirer of the Summer School and is a founder of the School that was firstly launched in 2012.

e-mаil: ЕVOsipova@kantiana.ru

Prof. Demetrius Floudas – Deputy Director

Demetrius Floudas is an attorney and international Legal consultant. He is а Senior Associate at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge and a Fellow of the Hellenic Institute of Foreign & International Law.

He has lived and worked for several years in Russia as Team leader of the EU-Russian WTO Accession Project. He has been involved as a judge at the Jessup International Moot Court Competition in Russia for a decade and has taught Oral Skills & Mooting Tactics at the Pericles Jessup Summer School in Moscow since 2010. Prof. Floudas is also a Visiting Professor at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO), where he teaches a Master’s module in the European Law of Finance.

He is recipient of the Award for Outstanding Contribution of the Pan-Hellenic Forensics Association and has participated in a number of public discussions with extensive media coverage (e.g. as a member of the winning team in the 2011 debate against Tariq Ramadan et al, organized by Intelligence Squared International (IQ2) in Athens).

Demetrius Andreas Floudas is the Deputy Director of the IKBFU Summer School in Kaliningrad.

Georgi Sergeevich Petyulin – Head of the Administration

Georgi Petyulin is a professor at the Russian Academy for Foreign Trade (Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation), a researcher at the State and Law Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the chairman of the Expert Council of the Center for Legal Clinics Development (Moscow). Georgi was a participant of a series of special trainings for legal clinic tutors and developed a number of teaching materials applying practice oriented methodology.

He is an active participant, and then an administrator and a professor of the Summer School. He teaches Street Law course in the Russian group.

Since 2017, he is the Head of the school Administration.

Dr. Olesya Makarova - Administrator

Associate professor at Department for Criminal Procedure, Criminalistics and Legal Technology at IKBFU.

O. Makarova graduated from Kaliningrad Highest School of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and also from Kaliningrad Branch of Moscow Pedagogical State University on distant form of education. She served in Internal Affairs Departments in Kaliningrad region.

In 2013 she completed a course “Systematic approach to educational programs in accordance with state requirements ФГОС-3”. In July 2014 she took part in practical seminar “Interactive models of teaching in legal education”, then in 2017 she increased her competence at a special program “Use of modelling in teaching legal disciplines”.

Since 2017 she has taught course on Basics of legal profession and consultation together with Dr.Ekaterina Osipova.

Dr. Makarova is an administrator of the summer school since 2014 and is responsible for student accommodation.

e-mаil: OleMakarova@kantiana.ru

Dr. Olga Popova – Administrator

Associate Professor at the Department of Entrepreneurial Law of IKBFU (PhD in environmental law).

Since 2017, Olga is the coordinator of the "Street Law" program in IKBFU Legal Clinic.

She has obtained her qualification by completing the "Street Law" program in 2017 in St. Petersburg, organized by the Institute of Law named after Prince of Oldenburg. She actively participated in IKBFU advanced training on "Use of modeling in the teaching legal disciplines" in 2017, and on interactive methods of teaching law (organized in conjunction with Georgetown University and Indiana University, USA) in 2014-2017.

Since 2017, she is the Administrator of the Summer School.

Andrey Abramovsky – Assistant to the Head of School Administration

Andrey Abramovsky graduated with honors from the Bachelor program of Law school at IKBFU in 2017 and now he is studying at Master program in criminal procedure and criminalistics.

He has been actively giving legal consultations at the Legal Clinic of IKBFU since 2016, and has become an administrator of the Legal Clinic in 2017.

Also, he has been a participant, a volunteer, and then an administrator of the International Summer School: "Future Lawyers: Essential Skills to Success" since 2015.

Andrei was a participant of the Summer School "Development of the legal educational program "Street law", which was organized in the St. Petersburg Institute of Law named after Prince of Oldenburg.

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