Искусство прекрасного есть искусство гения.

V Summer School 2016

V Summer School 2016In 2016, the Summer School was honored to become a part of official events dedicated to the Year of Greece in Russia, approved by the Governments of both countries.

The School will offer both traditional and completely new courses in Russian and English. In addition, while studying the intricacies of negotiating, managing legal business and advising clients, students will be able to try their hand at drafting laws, master new techniques in drafting legal procedural documents, learn about the specifics and rules of professional ethics in business companies, improve their judicial skills and much more.

In 2016, the program of the school will be attended by professors from leading universities of the world, as well as representatives of law firms in Russia, the United States, Armenia.

Demetrius Floudas, Deputy Director of the School (Hughes Hall, Cambridge University):

“Communicative skills of a lawyer - the main topic of our school, which is held for the third time in IKBFU, and the number of participants from different regions of Russia and even the world increases every year. We consider this a success, which became possible for several reasons. Firstly, our school on the specifics of the topic and format of the conduct is something completely new not only for the university, but for Russia as a whole. Secondly, based on the feedback and wishes of the participants, we are constantly improving and offering new courses and new forms of activities. Thirdly, we offer a set of academic disciplines that have an interdisciplinary connection with other legal disciplines that go beyond traditional curricula”.

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