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III Summer School 2014

III Summer School “Future Lawyers: Essential Skills to Success” was a unique one by many criteria. The success of two previous schools of 2013 and 2012 was widely noted by a legal community and Law Clinics all over Russia.

The school received funding from the US Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF). This support allowed widening academic stuff, increasing the number of courses and also offering scholarships for students from other Russian regions.

For the first time within the last three years:

  • 83 students from 25 Russian Universities and 13 Russian cities attended the School
  • Program of the School consisted of 20 courses in Russian and in English. Among them 6 courses were mandatory; students could choose 6 obligatory courses and any additional courses
  • 15 Professors and practitioners were invited from the US, Germany, Greece, Russia, Armenia; Professors from Stanford, Berkley, Georgetown University, Cambridge and others offered their courses in IKBFU
  • a video conference was held with the lawyers of the world leading law firm «White&Case»
  • an online seminar was held with students of Georgetown University Street Law Clinics
  • more than 30 students received scholarships that covered expenses for travel, accommodation and organizational fees

As a result of the Summer School 12 students received Certificates with Honor and 67 students received Certificates of Successful Participation.

III Summer School apart from courses that are already traditional for the School Program, offered absolutely new courses such as Legal Project Management, International Negotiations on Merge and Acquisition, Practicum on Professional Responsibility, Basis of Economics for Lawyers, Legal Drafting, Attorneys Fees Practice etc.

Teambuilding session took place in the National Park «Curonian Spit». Participants of the School spent a day at the Baltic Sea shore and participated in a set of activities including singing, dancing, sport competitions, decoration of lunch table and, of course, enjoyed their time on the Beach.

III Summer School was organized with the support of USRF, the Development Program of IKBFU and Law Firm «Stroycapital» (Kazan, Russia).

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