Рассудок не черпает свои законы (a priori) из природы, а предписывает их ей.

II Summer School 2013

In 2003 IKBFU Summer School «Future Lawyers: Essential Skills to Success» started on the 25th of August and finished on the 3rd of September. This year School welcomed not only students from IKBFU but also students from universities of other cities including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Orenburg, Samara, Grozny and other regions of Russia.

The School program was updated in order to be interesting and new even for those students who took part in the Summer School 2012. Thus, this year the School offered a number of unique courses on negotiations, evidence, lobbying process that were led by Director of the Street Law Clinic, professor of Georgetown University Richard Roe.

In the final day of the School students of the course “How to Succeed in International Competitions” presented a case in front of all participants of the School to demonstrate skills of public speaking and argumentation that they developed within these 10 days.

An informal forum for participants of the School took place at the Baltic Sea shore (in Yantarny). All students and professors had an opportunity to try their luck in funding pieces of amber in the amber sand-pit. Then the students and professors were divided into teams and successfully passed all complicated and sometimes unusual tasks (see pictures here) prepared for them by the School Administration, played volleyball and enjoyed swimming in the Baltic Sea.

III Summer School was organized with the support of Development Programm of IKBFU and the Law Firm «Stroycapital» (Kazan, Russia).

Vice Rector IKBFU Irina Kuksa:

“Our University is always willing to support the initiative that is already for the second year inspires students to study during the last week of their summer holidays. The benefits of the Summer School are obvious not only for students but also for professors who learn new methods of teaching.”

Prof. Demetrius Andreas Floudas, Senior Associate at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge:

“The Summer School will further aim at development and promotion of strategic tasks of federal university in particular to be in the centre of academic activities and a regional hub in Norther-Eastern Europe.”

“The Summer School is a fantastic opportunity to get knowledge and skills, unique in their nature. This unique nature of the School is defined by several elements: the most qualified professors, students form different regions, intensity and interactive teaching and, of course, enthusiasm that was felt for all those 10 days. I would like to express my gratitude to the Organizing Committee and I think that the Summer School is among the most important steps toward development of legal community of Russia.” – Evgeniya Sharkovskaya, one of the School’s participants (Orenburg branch of O.E. Kutafin Moscow State Law University).

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